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    “Data Science is our core capability. At Annex Clinical we provide superior analytics for clinical or technology projects. Without supportive data visualizations, key statistical inferences can be lost.”

    – Jon Napitupulu , Computer Data Scientist

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    “Robust quality management systems emanate from cultures that support new ways of melding technology with risk management infrastructures.”

    – Moe Alsumidaie, MBA, MSF, Chief Data Scientist

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    “Today’s technologies enable us to not only visualize data quality in near real-time, but, also widen risk indicator analytics in ways beyond our imagination.”

    – Krishma Shah, MS, Director of Clinical Relations

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    “Clinical operations personnel need more than a claim that technology products or clinical services can solve their problems. They seek scientific evidence.”

    – Moe Alsumidaie, MBA, MSF, Chief Data Scientist

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    “The rate of technology innovation in clinical trials is overwhelming, ranging from mHealth to quality management. Study teams need to take a scientific approach towards technology adoption in order to be efficient and effective.”

    – Moe Alsumidaie, MBA, MSF, Chief Data Scientist

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    “A well designed Quality Management System should not only include key risk and performance indicators but, also clearly defined roles, responsibilities, deliverables, processes – and stakeholder – interfaces.  This approach leads to proper system execution and measurement”

    – Dr. Beat Widler, Ph.D., ETH-Z

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    “Risk-Based Quality Management in clinical trials is not new;basing it on data instead of opinion is”

    – Dr. Peter Schiemann, Ph.D

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    “Good communications programs start with setting clear and practical objectives based on reviewing historical data, conducting primary research and using data science. Effectiveness of communications activities such as publication of case studies can be measured on an ongoing basis — facilitating adjustments as needed — to maximize impact on lead generation”

    – Ed Stevens, M.Ed, M.A

Annex Clinical™ provides the foundation and management experience required to run a successful clinical trial. The approach uses computer data science modeling to drive decision making on a proven consensus for clinical trial design, execution, and oversight, and commercialize eClinical technologies and service providers.


Quality Management Systems

Access industry thought leaders and cutting-edge methodologies in risk-based analytics to generate a comprehensive quality management system for your clinical trial.

Computerized Monitoring

Learn more about how to leverage the power of computer data science to efficiently visualize, conduct and interpret study risks.

Technology Innovation

Learn more about how to look for, and conduct feasibility assessments on innovative technologies that best matches your trial's endpoints and operational infrastructure.

Predictive Modeling

Learn more about how you can use your clinical trial data to create a predictive platform for analytical study design.

eClinical Technology & CRO Services Commercialization

Learn more about how to leverage Annex Clinical's computer data science capabilities to generate compelling scientific stories, and access lead-generating networks to position your solution in the clinical trials industry.


Learn more about Annex Clinical's computer data science-based configurable, interactive, open source data visualization solution.



Annex Clinical was instituted in 2011 by Moe Alsumidaie. Moe was inspired by the vision to enhance clinical operations by innovating a more efficient, informative, and higher quality process. Moe has built a solid network of business experts in clinical quality, technical communications, and technology development. Annex Clinical provides a team of data scientists and clinical experts who are familiar with every aspect of clinical trial operations. Through this network, Annex Clinical has delivered successful outcomes to all its clients in the life sciences industry.


Annex Clinical’s vision is to provide a consistent business practice to efficiently and effectively run clinical trials,  and commercialize eClinical technologies and service providers.

Our Mission involves leveraging computer data science modeling to find relationships and patterns in clinical and operational data. By using predictive analytical techniques and historical data, we are able to make statistically valid predictions and optimize decision making.

Moe Alsumidaie, MBA, MSF
Chief Data Scientist
10+ years experience in clinical project management, business strategy, technology commercialization, and data science

Ed Stevens, M.Ed, M.A
Chief of Communication
20+ years experience in healthcare communications, market research, and public relations

Dr. Peter Schiemann, PhD
Managing Partner, WSQMS
18+ years experience in in-process control, R&D strategy, clinical supplies, audit planning, & quality risk management

Dr. Beat Widler, PhD, ETH-Z
Managing Partner, WSQMS
25+ years experience in regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance & risk management

Krishma Shah, MS
Director of Clinical Relations
Background in biotechnology and clinical trial operationalization

Jon Napitupulu
Computer Data Scientist
3+ years experience in computer modeling & machine learning

Amy Ingram
Scheduling Assistant
Amy is our Artificial Intelligence-based avatar that schedules meetings


66 W. 138th St., Suite 4C
New York, NY, 10037

E: info@annexclinical.com
P: +1 646 863 6105