eClinical Technology and CRO Services Commercialization

Since its inception in 2011, Annex Clinical has successfully commercialized numerous eClinical technology solutions and clinical trial services through a robust marketing platform and lead-generating networks. Annex Clinical’s methodology consists of developing strategic business directives, uncovering a technology’s value through demonstrating scientifically valid data, and publishing results in clinical trial journals.

1. Strategic Business Directives

Leverage expert strategic advice in the clinical trials industry to position your technology solution.  Unveil specific industry targets who are responding to your solution.  Convey how your technology or service stands out, and the value it offers to specific targets in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.

2. Exploratory Data Analysis

With solid strategic business directives as a guide, leverage computer data science to explore and prove your technology’s or service’s impact in clinical trials.  Generate content for marketing collateral, and publications.

3. Case Study Generation and Publication

Take your scientifically valid findings to the next level by telling a compelling story.  Build marketing collateral including white papers, presentation slides, blogs and journal publications.

4. Clinical Communications and Lead Generation

Strategically place your marketing collateral in distribution channels that maximize exposure to your target market.  Position your marketing collateral in lead-generating media, develop press releases targeted to the clinical trials industry, conduct media outreach to expand content sharing, and showcase the value of your technology at conferences.