PharmAcumenics™ is the Annex Clinical configurable, interactive, open-source, data visualization solution. Our approach to data visualization delivers not only efficiency, but also significant value by incorporating data science and platform scalability that enables you to build data visualization platforms customized for each clinical project.

1. Evaluate Data Sources

Evaluate your study’s data sources and determine which Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are needed for PharmAcumenics integration.

2. Data Visualization Mapping

Assess your study’s data parameters and requirements, and map a variety of open-source visualization packages to each data parameter including interactive and three-dimensional visualizations.  Choose the best visualizations to meet your team’s needs.

3. Algorithmic Operationalization

Customize each visualization to include algorithmic assessments that operationalize your project’s plans, and incorporate predictive models in your visualizations.  Predict outcomes, receive warning signals, and easily identify statistical deviations in your data.

4. User Acceptance Testing and Optimization

Pilot the system with your team, and optimize visualizations based on your team’s operational needs.  Continue to exp and and scale on the platform as the project’s plans change.