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Technology Innovation

There are a lot of innovative eClinical and mHealth technologies that offer promising study outcomes, such as patient centricity, engagement and improved data quality. Selecting the right technology requires not only evaluating study fit, but also piloting them and successfully measuring their outcomes. Annex Clinical finds the best eClinical technology for your study, by helping your team identify expected outcomes upfront, conducting a technology feasibility, and measuring impact during and after implementation.

1. Establish Outcomes

Incorporating innovation into clinical trials requires a solid measurement objective: are you wanting to improve patient compliance? Patient adherence and engagement? Data collection and quality?  Not only do we help you realistically underst and what outcomes you want to achieve, but we also plan how this outcome can be used to improve study execution.  Set up successful technology pilots.

2. Develop Measurement Analytics

Determining whether a technology is capable of achieving your study’s outcomes requires reconstructing your objectives into collectible data points.  With our expertise in computer data science and statistical modeling, Annex Clinical helps your team transform qualitative outcomes into measurable analytical data points.

3. Establish and Conduct Technology Feasibility

Every study and expected outcome requires a specific technology solution.  We help you efficiency sift through technologies by creating adaptive feasibility scorecards, and objectively recommending the best technology for your study.  Alternatively, you can try our PharmAcumenicsTM solution.

4. Plan and Measure Performance

Determining technology pilot success involves setting up analytical measurement parameters, and optimizing technology utilization during trial conduct.  Annex Clinical develops computer science-based algorithms to continually monitor, measure, visualize and optimize outcomes success.

5. Use Case Studies to Prove Effectiveness

Generating scientific outcomes is only half the battle.  Successful deployment and scalability within your organization comprises of a tactful, yet, simple approach of communicating and presenting results.  Access our expertise in advanced data visualization to provide a compelling story to management and colleagues.